Best  self-help books seem to all just “have it”. So what are these mighty tips and tricks people talk about? Fear no more, I’m here to reveal them!

  1.  Just Be youreself – You can’t be somebody else, so be yourself man! I know it may be a bit of a cliche, but if it works it works.
  2. Live in the moment. Tired of stressing about work 24/7? It’s pointless and very counterproductive. Living in the moment allows you to be efficient and actually enjoy the life!
  3. Don’t stress!  You are probably thinking “Whaaaat?? Why do we stress if it’s no help?” The newest studies have proven that anxiety is the main source of mortality in the current year. It literally kills you!
  4. Love yourself and others  All you need is love, like The Beetles said. If we all just loved each other the world would be a marvelous place!

Well there you go, wasn’t it easy? Now go on and enjoy your new life, you are worth it! Sorry it took perhaps a bit too long to make this lesson, but here in About 10 Ways we prefer quality over quantity 😛



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